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Innovative Tools


KBCN Media’s Business and Marketing Affiliate Partner is HighLevel. Elevate your marketing and sales with HighLevel’s all-in-one platform! Our mission is to help businesses grow and succeed, and HighLevel provides the tools, support, and resources you need to achieve your marketing goals.
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With HighLevel, you won’t have to struggle with multiple platforms anymore. Everything you need is conveniently available in one place.
Capture leads effortlessly using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system, and more. Nurture those leads by automatically sending voicemails, making forced calls, sending SMS messages, and emails, and even utilizing Facebook Messenger. Close deals effectively by collecting payments seamlessly within the platform, scheduling appointments efficiently, and tracking valuable analytics.
HighLevel empowers businesses to build a strong digital marketing engine that drives growth. Experience the power of our all-in-one platform today!


Affiliate Streaming Partner
OneStream Live is an innovative and efficient cloud-based platform that offers users a convenient and seamless way to schedule and live stream pre-recorded and real-time content. With a wide range of over 45 social media platforms available, including popular channels like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram, Twitch, and customizable RTMP destinations, users can effortlessly reach their target audience across various platforms. This flexibility allows content creators and businesses to maximize their visibility and engagement.
Whether it’s for personal use or professional purposes, OneStream Live provides users with a user-friendly interface and robust features to ensure a smooth streaming experience. Additionally, the service’s availability in English makes it accessible to a global audience, further expanding the reach and potential impact of the content being streamed. Overall, OneStream Live offers a comprehensive solution to effectively manage and distribute content across multiple social media platforms, simplifying the process for users and enabling them to effortlessly connect with their audience in real time.

Riverside FM

An affiliate partner of KBCN TV for podcast recording
Produce top-notch remote podcasts that will captivate your audience. With Riverside’s web and app-based recording platform, you can effortlessly record high-quality audio and video podcasts. Present yourself as a seasoned professional every time you hit the record button. On Riverside, you’ll benefit from up to 4K video resolution and uncompressed, crystal-clear audio files.
Take charge during post-production with complete control over your recordings. Each host and guest have separate audio and video tracks, allowing for seamless editing after the interview. Simplicity reigns supreme for both you and your guests in Riverside. As a browser-based platform, there’s no need to worry about downloading or installing anything. Guests can easily join your session by clicking on a link, and all files are automatically uploaded onto your dashboard.
Curious about achieving higher quality? Look no further than local recording. Riverside records locally on all participants’ devices, eliminating any dependence on internet connections for recording quality assurance. When the recording concludes, conveniently access all files in your dashboard for hassle-free downloading.